Luciana Andrea Giorgio Cosenzo

Graduate Students

Luciana is a doctoral candidate at the Columbia School of Social Work. She received a Master of Science in Social Work with a specialization in Advanced Generalist Practice and Programming with a focus on contemporary social issues from Columbia University. She previously studied at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology in 2014. Her main research interests focus on examining the association of acculturation, social ties, coping strategies, and health behaviors related to sleep and cardiovascular health among Latinx and Hispanic adults. Because of her background, she finds it especially rewarding to conduct research with the Latinx and Hispanic population.


Cultural adaptations of psychological interventions for prevalent sleep disorders and sleep disturbances: A systematic review of randomized controlled trials in the United States

Carmela Alcántara
Luciana Giorgio Cosenzo
Elliot McCullough
Tiffany Vogt
A Louise Falzon
Irene Perez Ibarra
cover of Health Psychology Review

Social Determinants as Moderators of the Effectiveness of Health Behaviour Change Interventions: Scientific Gaps and Opportunities

Carmela Alcántara
Sarah Valentina Diaz
Luciana Giorgio Cosenzo
Eric B. Loucks
Frank J. Penedo
Natasha J. Williams
cover of mental and behavioral health of immigrants

Risk and protective factors for insomnia among Asian, Black, and Latinx adult immigrants in the United States: A socioecological analysis

Luciana Giorgio Cosenzo
Sarah Valentina Diaz
Melanie Morris
Carmela Alcántara
cover of psychosomatic medicine

Longer Sleep Duration and Endothelial Cell Health Among a Multiethnic Sample of Adolescents.

Carmela Alcántara
Luciana Giorgio Cosenzo
Adam KK Leigh
Daichi Shimbo
Gregory E Miller
cover of anxiety disorders

Anxiety Sensitivity and Racial Differences in Sleep Duration: Results from a National Survey of Adults with Cardiovascular Disease

Alcántara, C.
Giorgio, L.C.
Fan, W.
Doyle, D.M.
Shaffer, J.A.